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Reforma Dermatology, located in Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York, offers comprehensive medical and cosmetic skin treatments for a range of skin conditions such as acne, scarring, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, as well as various enhancements including lip fillers, botox, skin tightening, and facial & body contouring using the EMFACE & EMSCULPT NEO by BTL.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Tejas Patel, we're not just another dermatology clinic – we're your ultimate destination for skin care transformation. Dr. Patel, a board-certified general medical dermatologist, specializes in a wide range of skin health services, from life-saving cancer surgeries like Mohs micrographic surgery to everyday concerns like acne, psoriasis, hair loss, eczema, and scar treatment. 

But we don't stop at general medical dermatology; we're your go-to for skin  rejuvenation too. Imagine indulging in luxurious AquaFirmeXS facials that invigorate your skin, exploring our curated collection of skin care creams, and experiencing an array of revitalizing skin resurfacing treatments. Among these, you'll find the impressive Candela Nordly IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), designed to banish sunspots, freckles, and more. And when it comes to cutting-edge technology, we lead the way. Picture facial & body contouring with BTL Emface and Emsculpt Neo, along with an array of advanced microneedling wonders such as Scarlet SRF Microneedling, Agnes RF Microneedling, and Exion Fractional RF Microneedling. The treatment options are endless!

In addition to our cutting-edge technology, our commitment to your beauty and well-being extends to offering the latest in fillers and neuromodulators, featuring renowned names like Botox, Sculptra, Kybella, Xeomin, and more. With our presence in both Staten Island and Brooklyn, we invite you to experience the epitome of dermatological and aesthetic care, all tailored to your unique needs and desires. It's time to embrace the radiant, confident you.

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Looking for the best general medical dermatologist and cosmetic aesthetic medical spa doctor in Staten Island or Brooklyn, New York? Look no further.
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Dr. Tejas Patel, MD

Dr. Tejas Patel, MD

I’ve struggled with eczema all my life and the various amounts of creams/ointments given to me by other places never helped enough. Dr.Patel is the only dermatologist I have met that explained everything to me clearly so I understood my issue clearly and gave me other options. My hands have never looked so clear in my life. Super happy with his service and his whole office is very nice/professional. Highly recommend!

- Mariah C

Dr. Patel is very knowledgeable and helpful. First time I went in he spotted my problem just by looking and immediately assigned me treatment. After following his regiment for a couple of months, it has completely healed. He also was able to check several other areas and prescribed medications for those areas. I highly recommend.

- Geoffrey W.

I started suffering from hormonal acne last October and visited many different dermatologists to find a sustainable solution. Dr. Patel is the only doctor who was committed to healing my skin. He saw me every 2 weeks to monitor my treatment and had effectively cleared my skin since I began seeing him in February! I am extremely grateful for him and his entire practice.

- Emily S.

I am very happy I found Dr. Patel he knew right away my hair loss issue, diagnosed it and began the treatment regiment. He is so knowledgeable and takes good care of you. I’ve seen rapid results in just 2 visits.The front desk staff are courteous and professional as well, and the wait times are very minimal. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Patel for your all your skin concerns, you won’t be disappointed.

- Christina A.

Dr. Patel is amazing. Not only is he great, but he will resolve any issues presented to him. I first came to see him for some skin tags and moles I wanted to remove, which he did. Also, I brought in my mother who was suffering from furuncle … something i’ve never heard from, but Dr. Patel recommended some medicine and my mom skin has cleared up 100%. I love his extreme intelligence and ambition to help with any dermatology issue. I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel to anyone dealing with any skin issue.

- Michael G.

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