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Apr 9, 2024
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Alma TED is a cutting-edge hair restoration treatment that helps regrow hair without any invasive procedures. This non-invasive approach to hair restoration has been steadily gaining traction and for good reason. With no scalpels, no hair transplants, and not even a needle, the procedure is helping people enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair.

As a specialist in hair restoration in Staten Island, Reforma Dermatology is committed to helping patients achieve their hair restoration goals, and that all starts with accurate information that helps them make the decision that's right for them. Today, we're talking about Alma TED, how it works, and how it can benefit those who are suffering from hair loss.

What is Alma TED

Alma TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a completely non-invasive hair growth treatment designed specifically to treat hair loss and thinning hair without any invasive procedures. It's an ultrasound-based system that harnesses the power of sound waves and air pressure to deliver a specialized topical hair growth formula deep into the roots of the hair follicles. It's a game-changer for those struggling with hair loss in Staten Island.

How it Works

This procedure uses sound waves and air pressure. Low-frequency ultrasonic sound waves produce vibrations throughout the top layers of the skin. When used in conjunction with air pressure, the hair follicles are more receptive to the hair growth formula that's paired with this treatment.

The combination of pressure and vibrations not only drives the formula deeper into the scalp, but the treatment also increases blood flow and improves the health of the scalp, stimulating the follicles and making them more receptive to the treatment and healthier in general. This greatly increases the efficacy of the hair growth treatment without the need for injections or traditional hair transplant methods.

Typical Treatment

Treatments take about 45 minutes to complete and require no downtime. Simply arrive for your appointment with clean hair that has no hair products of any kind either in the hair or on your scalp.

During the treatment, you'll feel a warm, vibrating sensation. This is the combination of sound waves and air pressure. It's completely painless. The hair formula will be applied to your scalp, and the Alma TED will be used over the entire surface of the treatment area to ensure an even deep penetration of medication and hair follicle stimulation.

This treatment requires no aftercare of any kind. Simply arrive, receive your treatment, and go about your day. Your initial treatment schedule will be three treatments about four to six weeks apart. After those treatments are completed, we'll evaluate your hair growth progress and discuss further treatment or maintenance options with you.

Benefits of Alma TED

Alma TED is non-invasive and effective, which means it has a lot going for it. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Thicker, healthier hair
  • Stronger hair follicles
  • Pain-free
  • No anesthesia required
  • No needles required
  • No incisions required
  • No downtime or recovery period of any kind
  • No shedding after treatment

Let's Discuss Alma TED

As a hair loss specialist in Staten Island, we're committed to helping men and women in our area achieve the fullest, thickest, healthiest head of hair that they can possibly have. If you're struggling with female hair loss in Staten Island or male pattern baldness in Staten Island, schedule a consultation with us. We can talk in-depth about your hair restoration goals and possible treatments, including Alma TED. We'd love to see you!

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