Candela Nordlys - Multi-Faceted Skin Rejuvenation

Apr 9, 2024
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If you haven't heard of Candela Nordlys, we're here to change that. At Reforma, we stay on the cutting edge of skin rejuvenation along with all other forms of dermatology, and Candela Nordlys is a powerful tool that's literally changing the face of skin rejuvenation.

Reforma has been providing Candela Nordlys treatment in Staten Island, Brooklyn and the surrounding area almost from the beginning of its release, and we continue to be impressed with its versatility and efficacy. Today, we're talking about this cutting-edge skin treatment technology and how it's helping people achieve better rejuvenation results than ever before.

What is Candela Nordlys?

Candela Nordlys is a state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation system that combines three technologies to create a multi-pronged approach to skin resurfacing and rejuvenation that's unlike anything else in the space. It combines Ellipse IPL (intense pulsed light), Frax 1550, and Frax 1940 to approach skin rejuvenation in three different ways.

Ellipse IPL

Ellipse IPL uses second-generation Intense Pulsed Light to help remove hair from problem areas as well as repair uneven skin tone and pigment as well as surface veins. The Intense Pulsed Light targets the melanin in the hair or skin and destroys the pigment cells. This helps reduce or eliminate problem hair and even out skin tone. The pulsed light also targets surface vascular lesions and vein structures to reduce their appearance.

Frax 1550 Laser

The Frax 1550 factional laser uses tiny fractions of powerful laser beams to stimulate collagen production in the treatment area along with rapid healing of the same area. This is a non-ablative treatment that doesn't remove any of the skin layers. Rather, the wavelength of the laser fractions simply encourages the production of elastin and collagen to promote firmer skin reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.

Frax 1940 Laser

Like the Frax 1550, the Frax 1940 is a fractional, non-ablative laser. Again, that means no removal of the surface layers of the skin. While the 1550 focuses on the production of collagen, the Frax 1940 targets uneven skin pigmentation, dull skin, sun damage, and wrinkles

When all three of these technologies are combined, patients are looking at a highly versatile and effective treatment option that can target multiple issues and deliver outstanding results with minimal recovery and no burning away of the top layers of the skin. That's a huge bonus.

What can Candela Nordlys treat?

One of the reasons Reforma offers Candela Nordlys treatment to Staten Island patients so often is because it's such a highly versatile machine. It can treat a wide range of hair, pigmentation, and wrinkle issues including:

  • Excess hair
  • Leg veins
  • Facial veins
  • Port wine stains
  • Broken capillaries
  • Hemangiomas
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Sun damage
  • Scarring
  • Acne scarring
  • Darks spots
  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Diffuse redness

Who can have Candela Nordlys treatment?

Almost anyone can have this procedure done. All three technologies are non-invasive and don't involve any removal of skin layers, making it a highly safe procedure for the vast majority of individuals considering Candela Nordlys treatment in Staten Island. In fact, it's the cases in which we discourage the use of this technology are very rare. It's only contraindicated in a very select few cases.

Candela Nordlys Treatment in Staten Island

At Reforma, we firmly believe in the technology of the Nordlys system and the fantastic results that we see it deliver all the time. If you have hair, vein, acne, or fine wrinkle problems, we offer Candela Nordlys treatment in Staten Island, Brooklyn and the surrounding area that can help. Schedule a consultation with us, and we'll go over the technology, the procedure itself, and a treatment plan.

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