Non Surgical Facelift: Look Younger with No Scalpel

Apr 9, 2024
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At Reforma Dermatology, we're often asked about how effective a non surgical facelift can be. So many of our patients want the tighter, firmer skin that a facelift can offer without the prospect of general anesthesia or the use of a scalpel. They would much rather use a minimally invasive procedure to get younger-looking skin, and we agree. Traditional facelifts have their place, but if you can get great results without one, why not?

Here at Reforma, we've been providing facial contouring to Staten Island and Brooklyn, and we've always had the same goal - to give our clients the best results possible with the least downtime. A non surgical facelift harnessing the power of Agnes RF does exactly that.

What is Agnes RF?

Agnes RF is a powerful device that allows us to offer a non surgical facelift with the power of targeted radio frequency and precision microneedling. Using advanced microneedling and radio frequency technology, Agnes RF heats the tissue in treated areas to the exact temperature needed to destroy fat and encourage the skin to naturally increase its production of collagen and elastin.

How does Agnes RF work?

Agnes RF combines radio frequency technology with microneedling. Both methods have been used separately for years, but Agnes RF combines them into one treatment. The microneedling wand is heated to a precise temperature that destroys fat cells while providing just enough micro-trauma to activate the skin's natural collagen and elastin production.

The needles enter the skin, signaling the skin in the treated area that it's been damaged. The heat applied through the needles disrupts and destroys subcutaneous fat in the treated area while also signaling the skin to repair itself. These two methods combine to create the strongest repair response possible, causing the most production of collagen and elastin, both of which cause tightening, lifting, and smoothing of the skin. In addition, the destruction of fat helps define jaw lines and reduce jowels.

What can a non surgical facelift with Agnes RF treat?

A non surgical facelift is only as good as the areas of the face that it can treat. This is an area where Agnes RF really shines. This advanced microneedling and radio frequency technology can target a wide variety of facial areas, making it an extremely versatile tool that can address your specific needs including: 

  • Neck and double chin contouring and tightening
  • Undereye bags and wrinkles elimination
  • Upper eyelid rejuvenation and tightening
  • Jawline tightening and contouring
  • Double chin and jowl elimination
  • Earlobe repair
  • Diminishing of "smoker's lines" above the top lip
  • Curing acne by killing the oil glands that cause acne

How effective is a non surgical facelift? 

There are several different methods used for a non surgical facelift, and they all have varying levels of effectiveness. However, the efficacy of Agnes RF is by far the most superior. In fact, most patients only need one or two treatments to see optimal results, with many patients getting amazing results in just one treatment.

With Agnes RF, patients see visible improvement in just one session, with some clients seeing results in as little as a few hours. All clients will see improvement in a day or two. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles or sagging being addressed, a second session may be advised.

What to Expect with a Non Surgical Facelift

Patients don't have to do any specific preparation for a non surgical facelift with Agnes RF. It's a fast, simple procedure that only lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and has no downtime. A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area and the Agnes RF device is used with specific needles chosen to address your specific skin issues. During the treatment, the needles are pressed into the skin, causing micro-trauma and heating up the treatment area. To achieve optimal fat reduction and skin tightening.

Patients should have no pain during the procedure, and afterward, they should experience only mild redness, swelling, and a bit of tenderness for 1 to 5 days after the procedure depending on what was treated.

A Beautiful Non Surgical Facelift with Agnes RF

Reforma has been providing facial & body contouring treatments to Staten Island, Brooklyn and the greater NYC area for years, and during that time, we've helped countless clients get the younger-looking face they want. We can help you, too. Schedule a consultation with us, and we'll discuss how a non surgical facelift with Agnes RF can help give you the younger-looking skin you've been looking for. We'll discuss treatment plans, how many treatments you might need for optimal results, and any questions or concerns you may have. So stop by and let's talk. 

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