Scarlet RF Microneedling - 5 Things to Know Before Treatment

Apr 9, 2024
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If you're considering Scarlet RF microneedling treatments, it's important to understand what it is and what it does. Many people know the term microneedling, but they don't know exactly what it is. As a trusted provider of Scarlet RF microneedling in Staten Island, it's important to us that our clients and potential clients know exactly what this procedure is and what it can do.

Today, we're discussing the procedure, what it does, its results, and the 5 major things you need to know before getting skin tightening microneedling in Staten Islan.

What is Scarlet RF Microneedling

Scarlet RF microneedling is the next step in microneedling technology. Traditional microneedling uses ultra-fine needles that pierce the top layers of the skin - what we call micro trauma. This needle pierce triggers the body's natural healing response and promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin which helps to tighten and firm it. With Scarlet RF radiofrequency technology is added to the procedure.

What does radiofrequency do? 

The radiofrequencies emitted by the microneedling device produce heat and vibration that causes more damage to both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. This added heat and damage triggers the production of even more elastin and collagen in the skin, producing firmer, tighter skin as a result.

What kind of damage does Scarlet RF microneedling do?

When we use the words damage and trauma, we're talking about micro trauma. Micro is the operative word. The only visible damage you'll see if you get Scarlet RF microneedling in Staten Island is a little redness. That's because the damage is incredibly small and precise.

For a good comparison, think of this in terms of, say, lifting weights. When we lift weights, our muscles grow because they suffer microtears from the intense strain that the weights place on them. When the body repairs them, it gradually makes them larger in anticipation of solving the problem of the weight being too heavy. This is the same concept as the micro trauma used by Scarlet RF microneedling to improve skin tone.

The needles pierce the top layers of skin and are so fine that you barely feel them. Even when radiofrequency is added, you'll still only feel a slight pricking sensation coupled with a bit of heat. That minimal damage is all that's needed to signal the body's healing processes to kick in, producing more collagen and elastin to repair the damage in the targeted area.

Why does microneedling need to damage skin?

The body won't fix something that isn't broken. The human body always wants to maintain homeostasis, so it's perfectly content to let the skin age and become slack and wrinkled. After all, nothing is damaging it, so there's no need to fix it. As dermatologists specializing in microneedling in Staten Island, we use the Scarlet RF microneedling procedure to produce the minimum stimulus needed to trigger the body's repair processes. Without this targeted micro trauma, the skin will simply continue to become weaker, slacker, and more wrinkled.

What are the benefits of Scarlet RF microneedling?

The micro trauma caused to the skin by this microneedling method causes your body to turn on the fibroblast cells in your skin. These cells are responsible for building the connective tissues and extracellular matrix in the body. They support and protect the organ, promote wound healing, and, you guessed it, promote the production of collagen and elastin in the body.

After we "turn on" the fibroblast cells with microneedling, they get to work, producing more collagen and elasting to repair those micro traumas. This repair process not only repairs the damage caused by microneedling, but it actually goes further, getting the skin not just back to where it was but even better.

When will you see results?

At Reforma, we're committed to great results and total transparency, so we'll give it to you straight. Microneedling, even Scarlet RF microneedling takes time. The amount of time depends on your skin type and condition. If you come to us for Scarlet RF microneedling in Staten Island, expect to receive treatments anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Moderate age-related wrinkles and loose skin will usually take fewer sessions than skin suffering from extreme acne damage, sun damage, and the like. However, all skin types and conditions benefit immensely from this treatment.

For example a relatively young person just starting to show fine lines may only need 3 sessions. However, people who are older with more wrinkles, long-term damage from the sun, or hanging skin may need 6 to 10 sessions, depending on the severity of the skin's wrinkling and loss of elasticity.

Your Staten Island Scarlet RF Microneedling Specialists

At Reforma, we can help tighten skin, reduce fine wrinkles, and reduce acne scarring with microneedling. We're your Scarlet RF microneedling specialists in the area, and we want to help you. Schedule a consultation with us, and we'll discuss your skin, its condition, and how we can help you achieve the results you want. 

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